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Mise En Place 4-Pack

Mise En Place 4-Pack

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Dimensions: 5" x 1 ¾"

The Swiss Army knife of bowls—great for meal prep, a communal olive pit, or a solo nut binge during Netflix marathons.

At first glance, this mise en place bowl may seem like a simple kitchen accessory – a humble addition to the culinary lineup. But you're here because you know better. You've graduated from Instant Pot meals and four-ingredient entrées to dinners worthy of Chef's Table B-roll footage. Echoing from the hollow of this bowl's delicate curve comes a whispered promise of sanctuary – amidst chaos, harmony awaits.

Sure, this unassuming little bowl is just the right size for the perfect amount of overnight oats or a responsibly-served ice cream scoop triumphantly displayed on your Instagram – but that's not the full extent of its potential, its raison d'être. It brings order to chaos. From the bustling lines of a busy Parisian kitchen to the mayhem of holiday meal prep, this petite vessel resounds as a call to order, "Mise en Place!" – let everything find its proper place.

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  • Dishwasher Safe

    Make cleaning up a breeze with our dishwasher safe stoneware that is designed to withstand high temperatures and rough handling.

  • Microwave Safe

    Our stoneware is microwave safe, allowing you to easily heat up your meals without damaging the quality of the dish.

  • Hand Made in New England

    Handcrafted in New England with passion and precision, each stoneware piece is unique and truly one-of-a-kind.


Alive with presence, these everyday objects are made to reflect the best parts of our own nature. From our hands to your table — a return to intentional craftsmanship and aesthetic.

Lasting Quality

Our collection reflects our devotion to creating everyday objects of enduring quality. We spend our lives making beautiful objects that will last all of yours.

One of a Kind

Each piece bears the maker's mark of the artisan responsible for its creation. A hand-signed testament of lasting quality and timeless beauty.