• Why.

    It’s a fine line to walk: loving quality material goods while struggling with the consumer culture that claims you need them to feel like a whole human being. For our part, we started this company to find some peace within that polarity. Supper Club was the brainchild of two friends who, after years of experience in different industries, were both weary of doing anything that didn’t yield tangible beauty or functionality. Our mutual obsession with aesthetics and utility, combined with our love of food culture, led us to pottery and tableware—a perfect blend of both worlds. Fueled by a combined passion for design and function, with backgrounds in tech and fine art, Supper Club emerged as an intersection of digital precision and traditional artistry.

    We believe that the objects surrounding us—the ones that provide basic utility—are often the most important and, yet, the most overlooked. Supper Club was born from an idea that everyday objects should be imbued with feeling and intention—a union of art and utility so intrinsic that it seamlessly weaves into the rhythm of daily life. We’ve set out to create products with an inherent presence, a physical affinity to the surroundings. In the same way, a fast car feels fast when stationary; we look for shapes, colors, and textures that capture that feel - purposeful and beautiful, even while lying in wait for the next meal.