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Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate

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Dimensions: 10 ½" x 1 ⅛"

The plate that's ready for your culinary masterpiece, whether it's a Michelin-star dish or takeout pizza.

The kitchen swirled in a maelstrom of culinary chaos, a cacophony of clattering pans, knives striking cutting boards, and the sizzle of butter on iron. In the midst of the dinner rush, it was a hurricane feasting on energy. The head chef, the eye of the storm, maintained a calm facade within the frenzy, belying a racing mind.

His eyes danced over the flurry of tickets, his commands clear and sharp, cutting through the chaos. "Beef bourguignon up! Sauce on the side! Risotto for the two-top, five out!" A frantic voice sliced through the rhythm, "Chef, we're 86'ed on the Arborio!" He dashed to the pantry to secure a substitute, finding a roaring pot awaiting his return at the station.

Under the harsh heat lamps, he tweaked the dish with painstaking precision, adjusting a garnish here and sprinkling parm there.

Then, an unusual request: "Chef, 2 top wants you to deliver personally." He stiffened, masking the grimace with a practiced smile. Plates in hand, the heat from the dish radiating a familiar warmth, he moved through the kitchen's pulsing rhythm toward the dining room.

The kitchen's clamor dimmed as he emerged into the gentle hum of conversation and clinking cutlery. He approached with assured humility, placing the dishes with a curt nod and flashing his bright smile.

He stood before a small wooden table where his daughters sat eagerly. "Bon appétit, mes amores," he said with genuine warmth. As they ate quietly, softly humming, the youngest looked up. "Mac n' Cheese again? When is mom coming home?"

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