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Side Bowl

Side Bowl

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Dimensions: 6" x 2 ½"

Just the right size for a somewhat sensible serving of ice cream, or the perfect wrong size for a bowl of late-night Skittles.

"We like good stuff. Stuff that works. Stuff that holds up. Stuff that looks good on a shelf but wasn’t made to stay there. Useful stuff. Stuff that was built for a long haul on a worthwhile journey. Give us that stuff. Those that don’t know any better can have the rest."

That copy was generated by AI from a prompt to come across as down-to-earth and sincere about the quality of our products. It almost sounds like what we are actually trying to say. It’s easy to see how a pitch like that can be mistaken for coming from a real beating heart and not an algorithm just trying to figure out the best next word. If that was read by Sam Elliot in a canoe, chances are you’re buying some bowls - or even a Toyota.

The clown show has come to town and the world is getting stranger by the minute. It’s going to get very difficult to tell what’s real. That’s why we made this bowl by hand. A real person cared about making it. It's something good, it’s something useful, and it’s something real.

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  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Microwave Safe

  • Made to Last


From our hands to your table — a return to intentional craftsmanship and aesthetic.

Lasting Quality

We spend our lives making beautiful objects that will last all of yours.

One of a Kind

Each piece bears the maker's mark of the artisan responsible for its creation.